What is the Trading Panel?

TradingPanel.Pro is automated system for creating and control positions at the exchange and margin Binance's accounts.

Supported exchanges

Available Functionality

  • 🔥FREE SUBSCRIPTION! 🔥 Details →

  • 💪MARGIN TRADING 💪 Earn money by lowering the price of coins! The loan returns once an hour automatically.

  • 💸Take profit module 💸 Auto-placing by a certain percentage or at a fixed price, rearrangement after averaging by the same distance as before averaging. Read more →

  • 🛑Stop loss module 🛑 Auto-placing by a certain percentage or at a fixed price of a virtual order, rearrangement after averaging by the same distance as before averaging, if specified in the settings. Read more→

  • 🌊Floating order 🌊 Our authoring, which allows you to enter a limit order at the best price. Read more→

  • Auto close position ⚙ Cancel averaging orders and close a position when the TP or SL is filled 100%. Read more →

  • 📈Graphic interpretation 📈 powered by TradingView you can see and move orders, TP, SL, average position cost

  • 💎User-friendly interface 💎 developed usability for the simple trading on crypto exchanges with automation of routine functions

  • 📣Notifications 📣 About all operations with orders and when closing a position

  • 🧠Thoughtful form for creating an order 🧠 We spent an incredible amount of time on tests to work out the most optimal variant of the order creation form with the ability to connect / disconnect automation modules

  • 🧮Averaging (DCA or CA) 🧮 Calculation % of position distance after averaging a position. The system takes into account all orders between the price of the created order and the price of the position. You can also calculate the number of coins needed for the desired % lag position.

  • 🎛Position info's 🎛 Thoughtful display of the position and list of orders in it. Calculation of the price of a position taking into account the exchange commission

  • 💰Wallet Balances 💰

    Updating balances without reloading the page. Conclusion general market balance and coin balances in orders

  • 🕶Dark theme 🕶 A nice night theme, although I use it at any time of the day!

  • 💹Currency pairs ticker 💹 Ability to create a list of selected currency pairs, see a dynamic change in price, trading volume in 24 hours

  • 📗Displaying an order in a order book 📗

    A trifle, but it’s convenient to see the order being located directly in a glass

  • 🖥Stable service 🖥

    we host the code on the powerful servers working in the cluster with load balancing and monitoring of the system

  • 🔍BNB balance control 🔍 the service control the balance and buys BNB if necessary

In development

  • 🤖Automatic create position by PINE-script 🤖

  • 📱Mobile version 📱

    control your position from a mobile phone from anywhere in the world

  • 🌀Scaled orders 🌀 quantity multiplier, order density, automatic calculation, chart output

  • 🦾🦾🦾 Future trading 🦾🦾🦾