Stop loss

The Stop Loss module creates a virtual order, the execution of which closes the position.

The Stop Loss module can work with real orders (so far only on Futures) and virtual orders

IMPORTANT! To execute the SL is checked the price of book order (not last ticker price). This is done to squeeze protect.

For LONG, this is the last ask price for a sell. For SHORT, this is the last bid price of a buy.

Please consider this when setting the SL level.

After adding coins (averaging or CA or DCA) to a position, depending on the settings, the module will rearrange the SL at the same price or shift the order so that the distance between the SL and the position level remains the same as before averaging or the default% set.


Level Mode

The level is set as a percentage or by a fixed price


Manually set in the Price Level Value

SL level is automatically rearranged after the execution of the averaging order.


Manually set in the Price Level Value or on the chart

SL level can only be changed MANUALLY

Price Level Value

The numerical value of the initial SL level is set in Percent or in Absolute value, depending on the previous parameter selected.

As in the example in the screenshot, the system sets the SL at the level of 3% of the Position's price or the closest unfilled order to open a position‌.

Type of order

  • Floating - limit order with rearrangement,

  • Market order

Keep same distance

Rearrange the Stop loss price level after the execution of the averaging order.


After averaging the price of the position, SL will be moved closer to the position price by the same distance as before the averaging.

For example, before averaging, SL was at the level of +3%. After averaging, the distance become +1%. The system will rearrange SL to level +3% as before.


After averaging the position, SL will move to % specified in the default position setting.

Youtube example

Closing a position by SL with floating order