Trading Panel FAQ

What price?

It is free. Read more here

Is it safe to trade at Trading Panel? Coins will not be stolen from my account?

Trading by TradingPanel.Pro is as safe as trading on an exchange.

API key has access only to orders. It is impossible to withdraw coins by API key only if you do not give it a special permission. By default, this option is disabled.

For highest security you can register the IP of our server in the White list in the API key settings.

Exchange fee is taken into account?

Yes, in the trading position you see profit with fee.

I changed the position management settings, will they be applied automatically?

Yes, all changes to position management are applied automatically.

Will the exchange ban my account if I earn a lot?

Exchanges provide official APIs specifically for trading. Trading Fee are received from exchanges, so they are equally beneficial if you trade by exchange or by API.

I want to make a suggestion for improvement or want to add a new feature.

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What exchanges can I trading?

Binance is available

What is the API fee?

The trading fee is the same as for trading by exchange.

  • by default 0.1%

  • When you enable the "Use BNB setting as a commission payment" fee will be 0.075%


I found an error in the website

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Errors are fixed with high priority.

Where can I get the API key for trading with Binance?

Follow this instruction: