Free subscription only for Binance trading

To get a free subscription to the basic functionality for 1 year (after that you can create a new account by referral's link), you need to follow 2 steps:

To get a free subscription, you need to register a new account on Binance by clicking on link below, otherwise you are not guaranteed to correctly register with the referral system and the free rate will not be activated:

Make sure that the Futures Referral ID field contains the tradingpanel promo code. If there is no promo code, you can type it manually.

Please follow the instructions, as the registration should be carried out strictly according to the link above.

If you register in the application or on the website directly, rather than by link, you need to type another promotional code - 18708062.

If the promo code is not accepted and gives out an error, write to the support in Telegram @orelalex.

Be careful, because if the promo code is not used during registration, the free subscription will not be activated.

After registration, you will immediately get free access to the basic functionality of the TradingPanel terminal on Spot, Margin and Futures markets. As a bonus you get a 10% discount on 30 days of trading on Futures.

PRO functions are available upon reaching a certain turnover or paid separately.

If I already have an account?

If you already have an account in Binance, so you will need to create a new one through our referral link and transfer funds.


  1. If you need to keep your old E-mail, then you need to remember that after changing it for 5 days, the withdrawal of funds will be prohibited, so you need to change the E-mail, it is better to do this in advance or to do it after transferring funds to a new account.

  2. Funds transfer within Binance is free of charge via TRC20 network or with a small fee via BEP2

  3. Better to open also Future account with our promotional code tradingpanel, so if you forget to do this, you must register a new account...

2. Subscribe to social

If you do not want to register a new account, then you can use the paid subscription of $15.

Pay for a USDT wallet via the TRC20 network - transfer will be without commission.


After the transfer and send me a notification of payment in telegram @orelalex, I will manually put down the account extension for you for now.