Trading terminal interface

The interface of the trading terminal consists of three blocks

Block #1 (Top)
Block #2 (Bottom)
Block #3 (Right)
Block #1 (Top)
  • Global selection of a market for trading (upper left corner)

  • Information of the currency pair

  • Wallet Balances

  • Chart

Block #2 (Bottom)
  • Positions

  • Orders

  • Exchange transactions

  • Signal Table

  • Wallets

  • Scripts and indicators

  • API Keys

  • Bot settings

  • Trading statistics

Block #3 (Right)
  • Notifications

  • Order book and order / position creation form

  • Tickers

Block #2

The block is divided by several menu items:

  1. Trading

  2. Statistics

  3. Settings

1. Trading

Open positions

This tab displays all open trading positions




Position ID


Long or Short.

The dots before Type display that there are open orders in position


Pair name


The number of coins in position.

When you hover, the number of coins in open orders is displayed


Average Price multiplied by Amount


Stop Loss level in %

Avg Price, Profit / Loss

Position Average Price, Profit / Loss in $


Take Profit level in %


Position Creation Date


List of bot modules controlled by position

At the end of the row there is a menu.

  • Change Bot Setting

  • Divide Take Profit

  • Close Position

Block №3

Order Form

Above and below the Order Form is a list of Buy and Sell bids.

There is a switch on top: Buy / Sell

Below is the Form settings

Switch #1

  • One order

  • Scaled orders

Switch #2

  • Place order now

  • Place order by trigger

  • Only signal, without creating order

Switch #3

  • Limit (L) - order with fixed price

  • Floating (F) - an automatic floating Limit order at last price in the order book

  • Market (M) - execution of orders in the order book